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Peek’d is a content platform powered by... you

Peek’d stories aren’t written by advertisers or copy and pasted from internet blogs. They’re 100% written by our community of users. We run regular competitions where users vote for their favorite stories. If your story is voted among the best, you can even win a CASH PRIZE and your shot of being discovered by publishers scanning the web for the next best author.

  • Profiles
  • Users can interact with fans, gain followers, and build a library of content to share on & off-platform.
  • Chat Stories
  • Chat stories are bite-sized stories told in text message format one line at a time.
  • Community
  • Each story becomes a discussion. Tag other users, comment/respond, and make your voice heard.
  • Competition
  • Votes determine the top stories. A panel of judges determines the ultimate winners.

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Discover bite-sized stories that make reading fun.

Pick up your phone and read stories told through
back-and-forth text conversations. Check out new episodes full of thrilling surprises, interesting characters, cliffhangers, and bone-chilling mysteries. Lovers of fanfic, coming-of-age, Snapchat, and literature, there’s a story for you.

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Tell your story with text, images and emojis and grow your following. Every week a cash prize is waiting to be claimed. Get recognized by publishers and other readers. Watch as your stories rise to the top.

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